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With its affordable price and easy to use feature, Symax Delight Straight Stairlift is the best solution for your loving home.

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  • Comfortable, safe, reliable
  • Exceptional durability and construction
  • Higher battery capacity / Lower power consumption


  • Thin, effective space saving design
  • Interchangeable seat and backrest upholstery
  • Powered folding footrest

Safety Features

  • User-friendly bi-directional switch
  • Multiple safety edges auto-stop feature
  • Over speed control protection
  • Anti-slip footrest
  • Swivel and lock seat at top landing
Essential Features
LJT 8629

Color Options

Beige standardBeige (standard)
Dark brown optinoalDark brown (optinoal)
Dark red optionalDark red (optinoal)

Grey optionalGrey (optinoal)
Ivory optionalIvory (optinoal)
Sand standardSand (standard)